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"Phishing" Scam Phishing is the act of sending mass emails to members of the public claiming to be an established, legitimate business or banking institution in an attempt to scam the user into providing private information that will be used to perpetrate an identity theft. The email directs the victim to visit a website where they are directed to ?update? their account information such as their password, SIN number or other account details

These emails are created to look exactly like the company?s real website. The email is designed to lure the victim into believing that the email is from the bank?s security department and is connected to the bank?s internet banking system. The email directs the victim to click on a URL, which in turn generates a webpage. This webpage is the webpage created by the criminal and instead of your information going to the bank, it is being sent to the criminal?s web server.

Members of the public are reminded that at no time will a financial institution initiate an email asking people to confirm their banking or personal information.