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Cheque Disbursement Fraud

This fraud targets individuals who have posted their resume on the World Wide Web and expressed an interest to work at home. The criminals access the victims resume by going onto popular resume posting websites such as or workopolis, locating individuals who have expressed an interest to earn income while working from home. A majority of the victims are stay at home mothers and retirees.

The criminal contacts the victim purporting to be from a reputable business. The criminals will go to the extent of having a registered business to help support their endeavor and will have contact numbers being run by accomplices in their crime.

The criminal will advise the victim that their company is outside of Canada and they need funds dispersed to several companies, but are unable to do so because they do not have an account with a Canadian banking institution. The criminal will send the victim a cheque with directions to deposit the cheque into their account, keep a portion of the money for the work they are conducting on behalf of the criminal?s company and then send the remainder of the funds to various parties by way of western union money orders.

The unsuspecting victim will be contacted by their bank at a later date advising the victim that the cheque they deposited into their account was a fraudulent cheque and the bank is holding them financially responsible for the transaction.

Money sent care of Western Union can be received from anywhere in the world not just the location where it is being sent.