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Credit Card Scam Recently, some people have been receiving phone calls from scam artists that identify themselves as a member of the security department for a major credit card company such as VISA or MASTERCARD. The scam artists already have the victim?s credit card number from one of many possible sources. They make a phone call because they are after the three or four digit security code printed on the back of the card.

The scam is as follows:

The caller will advise the victim that their card has been flagged due to an unusual purchase pattern. The scammer will be able to recite the victim?s card number and the bank it came from. They will then question the victim whether or not they recently purchased an Anti-Telemarketing Device for $497.99 from a marketing company based in Arizona or something similar to that.

The victim will, of course deny the purchase and the scammer will advise them that a credit will be issued to their account immediately. The scammer will confirm the victim?s address so the proper paperwork can be sent out. The victim is then advised that a Fraud investigation will commence immediately and they are provided with a reference number for their case.

At this point the scammer will say to the victim "I need to verify that you are actually in possession of your card". The victim will be asked to turn over their card and locate the last three or four digits on the back of the card. The victim is then asked to read those numbers to the scammer.

Once the scammer has those numbers the phone call wraps up quickly. Once he is off the phone the scammer will then charge an amount just under $500.00 onto the victim?s credit card.

Major credit card companies are aware of this scam and they want you to be aware too. Credit card companies will not ask for anything on the card as they already know the information on it.