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Canine Unit

Jeff and Jack

The Belleville Police Service Canine Unit was formed in 1996 and consisted of one Canine Handler and one Police Service Dog (PSD). The Belleville Police Service continues to utilize the Canine Unit.

Currently the Unit consists of Constable Jeff McNevin and his K-9 partner Jack. Jack was born November 1st 2009 and is a pure bred German Shepherd. The German S

hepherd breed was chosen because of the dogs strong desire to work, courage, intelligence, trainability, strong bond to the handler, perseverance and protective instincts. Jack had to pass a suitability test that was focused on the aforementioned traits, as well as being in good physical health and having a good temperament. Just as the PSD is tested before chosen so is the dog handler. Canine handlers with the Belleville Police Service must be a first class Constable and must pass an extensive and very physically demanding 10 day selection process to be deemed suitable for work in the Canine Unit.

After the selection process, the selected handler a

nd the selected dog then attend a sixteen week training course together. During the course the handler trains the dog in obedience, agility, tracking, article searches, building searches criminal apprehension and handler protection.                                             

Constable McNevin and Jack completed their 16 week course at the Ottawa Police Service from 04 April 2011 through to 22 July 2011. The team successfully completed their training and is currently active in our community.

The Belleville Police Canine Unit responds to calls for service similar to all uniform patrol. In addition the team will assist with priority calls like alarms, serious domestics, suspicious persons, warrant execution and in all other instances in which canine support has been requested. The Canine Unit provides an additional level of protection to our officers and the public when called upon to apprehend offenders and is on call 7 days a week 365 days a year.

The PSD not only works with the Handler but also lives with and becomes part of their family. The Handler is responsible for the care and ongoing training of the Police Service Dog.

The Belleville Police Service Canine Unit utilizes an SUV-style Police vehicle outfitted with a kennel, air conditioning and a heat alarm to notify the Handler if the interior temperature rises above safe levels. The safety and well being of the PSD is paramount.

dog being trained

When the Canine Unit is not busy with day-to-day operations they can often be seen at community events, giving everyone a chance to see them in action. Demonstrations allow the Belleville Police Service to showcase the abilities of their Canine partners and inform the public of their importance.

Contact the Belleville Police Service Canine Unit and "Ask Jack? a question or book a demonstration by emailing